Supo’s core duties

The Finnish Security and Intelligence Service (Supo) counters threats to Finland’s national security and provides unique intelligence to prevent threats in advance.

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  • Supo’s duty is to produce forward-looking and relevant intelligence information to state leaders and partner authorities to support decision-making. Intelligence is often the only way to obtain information about new threats.
  • Intelligence is collected through operational work, national and international cooperation and open sources. Foresight is a vital step in intelligence analysis.
  • Intelligence-based reports on phenomena relating to national security are produced for state leadership, ministries and agencies. Supo also produces threat assessments for police, other authorities, and occasionally also for companies performing critical security-of-supply functions.

Supo counters terrorism


  • conducts intelligence operations with a view to detecting and preventing terrorist offences
  • counters terrorist attack plots against Finland
  • is responsible for exchanging international counterterrorism intelligence
  • serves as an operational specialist organisation in relation to terrorism 
  • develops, maintains and promotes national situational awareness related to the threat of terrorism
  • monitors the nature of activities conducted by domestic extremist movements and assesses whether these activities pose a threat to national security

Supo counters espionage


  • counters foreign intelligence activities directed against Finland and preventing damage caused by them
  • counters illegal human intelligence and influence operations conducted by foreign powers against Finland
  • counters espionage conducted by foreign powers against Finland on data networks
  • prevents the dissemination or transit of technology, devices and expertise required for making weapons of mass destruction from or via Finland
  • maintains situational awareness and reports on phenomena or projects that endanger Finland’s national security

Supo grants security clearances

  • Supo conducts all Finnish security clearance investigations, with the exception of investigations within the defence administration.
  • The security clearance procedure seeks to prevent activities that endanger national security or significant private economic interests.
  • Supo also conducts facility security clearance investigations, and issues opinions on citizenship and residence permit applications and other subjects.